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Western Australia Minister for Transport Troy Buswell

Widening Of Kwinana Freeway Begins

Victor P Taffa

Major construction work began today to add two new lanes to the Kwinana Freeway between the Leach and Roe highways.

The Federal and Western Australian governments are working together to deliver this $58 Million widening and upgrading project, providing $29 Million each for its construction.

WA Transport Minister Troy Buswell said the 4.5 km stretch of freeway between Leach Highway and Roe Highway would be widened from two to three lanes.

“This section of Kwinana Freeway carries about 107,000 vehicles per day and this will rise to 113,000 per day by 2016 and 131,000 by 2031.” Mr. Buswell said.

“There is already traffic congestion during peak traffic periods, and the extra lane in each direction will help alleviate the congestion commuters experience in the short term and into the future.”


Western Australian Federal Minister Gary Gray said the project would reduce congestion, travel times and make this stretch of freeway safer for road users.

“The widening works are expected to be completed and opened to traffic by the middle of next year.” Mr. Gray said.

“This project is also a key component of the Perth Urban Transport and Freight Corridor upgrade, a major part of the Federal Government’s Nation Building Program.”

Both Mr. Buswell and Mr. Gray welcomed input from the community reference group which has representatives throughout the length of the project. The group meets monthly with Main Roads and the contractor to discuss work progress, design and construction issues.

Highway Construction Pty Ltd, a locally-based road builder with extensive expertise in delivering major projects, is managing the $58 Million project.


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