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Victor P Taffa

For the second time in my life some people in both the New South Wales (NSW) Labor Party and NSW Police have overseen my forced hospitalisation in the Parkview Unit, Macquarie Psychiatric Hospital, North Ryde, Sydney.

Heroin Injecting Room Kings Cross & Police Media Unit

When then NSW Premier Bob Carr announced the creation of the Heroin Injecting Room at Kings Cross, Sydney I wrote a letter to then Police Commissioner Ken Moroney asking if existing laws relating to illicit drugs would be enforced outside of the Injecting Room. Commissioner Moroney may never have seen the letter however my letter “Got under the skin” of some Police. I make NO apologies for writing that letter.

Not long after that episode for various reasons I applied to join the NSW Police. My first application never had a definitive answer to it and my second application was declined.

The old NSW Police Recruitment Office at Parramatta was in a building adjacent to a Westpac Office. At the time I had a Westpac Credit Card and Mortgage. A letter of Demand for outstanding debts was sent to me by the Bank Solicitors’ and so instead of the Bank selling my Home at NO profit to me I SOLD MY HOME at a good price. I was told later that when a person is going to join the Police “They don’t like you to have any debts.”

The 5 year wait to have your credit rating restored had ceased however when I sought to have an automated payments system set up in 2009 for The Southern Thunderer my application was rejected by the Commonwealth Bank and I suspect that there was interference with my application.

The Southern Thunderer Advertising Income Stream

When was being built an automated advertising revenue system was considered. Various I.T people for one reason or another were unable to implement such a system.

Despite predictable opposition from other media outlets the real focus of opposition to The Southern Thunderer from earning income was from some people in the NSW Labor Party. Some people also do not want Editor Victor P Taffa earning an Independent income and should ‘get a job.’

These same people do not want Victor P Taffa earning an Independent income in fear that he may contest an election. What people do not realise or care about is that while you are on Centre Link benefits you cannot get credit for a loan. This suits some people to keep Victor P Taffa down. Publishing The Southern Thunderer takes many hours to produce what is seen. This in itself is why a person should earn an income from the fruits of hard labour.

People should keep in perspective the Millions of dollars the NSW Labor Party receives in donations and that Public Servants are sacked by the NSW Labor Government but continue to draw their salary and are on the so called ‘unattached list.’

How some people can criticise Victor P Taffa for wanting to earn an income from The Southern Thunderer is beyond comprehension. As a Taxi Driver every fare that was earned was not simply handed to me. As a Taxi Driver Victor P Taffa would earned in 9 hours what most drivers made in 12 hours.

The NSW Police Media Unit

Given my history of strained relations with the NSW Police I was more surprised when they agreed to my request to be placed on the Police Media Contact List for Media Releases. There was NO surprise when the NSW Police removed me from their list. The Southern Thunderer will grow and employ people over time.

Various I.T People

On 26 February 2009 was launched and on 14 October 2009 was first published. In October 2008 I contested the Ryde State By-Election and campaigned for railway expansion. I was totally unaware of the pending Metro Rail Authority Bill. Had I been elected to Parliament I would NOT have voted for the Bill. The Metro Rail Authority Bill passed unopposed in November 2008 at the same time as I began to work on

Work began on in May 2009 and was OFF-LINE mysteriously for 8 days in December 2009. As at May 2010 I have dealt with five I.T people and their varying level of competence.

The allegation that “I was an I.T expert” was completely untrue and a lie. The only information about websites that I know is what some people have told me. I have never done courses about building a website from scratch. Having a ‘creative’ mind is different to someone who has a ‘mechanical’ mind.

During the formation of two websites I was never on appropriate medication to handle the pressure.

The Southern Thunderer Articles

Some people did not like the style of content in The Southern Thunderer particularly in the lead up to the South Australia and Tasmania State Elections on 20 March 2010. My enforced hospitalisation was made on 26 March 2010 which is exactly one year before the 2011 NSW election. The style of content will not change ahead of the Victoria and Federal elections due by the end of November 2010.

There are a number of other issues that require discussion relating to some people in society and Mental Health.

Had I never contested Public elections it is highly unlikely that I would ever have been placed in a Psychiatric Hospital. It is obvious that some people in both the NSW Labor Party and NSW Police are bigoted, racist and homophobic against me personally. In a perfect world everyone likes everybody. Had Sir Winston Churchill been locked up in a Psychiatric Hospital Great Britain would never have won World War II.

When the history of the NSW Labor Government from 1995-2011 is written it will be noted for only two achievements: Placing Victor P Taffa in Macquarie Psychiatric Hospital in 2003 and 2010.


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