Who Will Be Better Off With A Carbon Tax?

Who Will Be Better Off With A Carbon Tax?

Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

One-Third Will Be Worse Off

Victor P Taffa

Opposition Leader, Terry Mills, said the Chief Minister must end his silence and respond to a weekend media report that a third of Australians will be worse off under Julia Gillard’s carbon tax.

“Paul Henderson should come clean and say how many Territorians will be hit when the carbon tax is introduced.” Mr. Mills said.

“His Government is hiding behind Federal Labor’s spin that 9 out of 10 taxpayers will receive some compensation when the tax is introduced next year.”

“But he’s never released Territory Treasury modelling to show the actual impact on households here.” Mr. Mills said.

“Compensation and tax cuts will only go so far and it’s fanciful to pretend the imposition of a new tax will have no impact on workers and families.”

“People will still be worse off, even if they receive some of their tax back as compensation.”

“If, as Paul Kelly asserts in the Weekend Australian, one-third of Australian householders will be worse off when the tax is introduced next year, it follows that a similar number of Territorians will also be worse off.” Mr. Mills said.

Mr. Mills said the carbon tax will be one of a number of issues the Opposition will focus on when Parliament resumes this week.

“The Opposition will scrutinise the $200 Million blow-out in the cost of building the new Darwin prison and push the Government to reform the Super Shires model, which is deeply unpopular in the bush and within sections of the Labor Party.”

“The Opposition will also use Parliament to focus on the poor NAPLAN outcomes and the Government’s grog restrictions.” Mr. Mills said.