While The Police Are Away The Thieves will Play

While The Police Are Away The Thieves will Play

Tasmania Opposition Leader Will Hodgman

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Police Elise Archer

Thorp/McKim Ignore Police Concerns: Another Broken Promise

Victor P Taffa

Labor and the Greens made very clear promises at the last election to increase the number of Police Officers, but have completely failed to deliver, according to Opposition Leader Will Hodgman.

“This is another broken promise, and the result is that Tasmanians are less safe.”

“Police Officers are under enough pressure without having it compounded by a Government that has apparently back-flipped again on an election commitment.” Mr. Hodgman said.


“Lin Thorp and Nick McKim also need to deliver on their promises to get Police on the beat and out of courts where they spend the day doing the job of a security guard.”

“We need Police out on the streets, not sitting in court doing very little.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“Both Lin Thorp and Nick McKim promised at the last Election that they would fix this problem. Nick McKim even said that he wanted Justice Department staff to supervise people on trial rather than Police Officers.”

“Mr. McKim is now Minister for Corrections, so why hasn’t he fixed the problem and delivered what he promised?”

“Once again Mr. McKim appears too gutless to stand by his promises and local Greens member, Basil O’Halloran won’t stand up to his leader.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“There is no doubt our Police Officers do a tough job, but it is made even tougher when the Labor-Green Government doesn’t stand by its promises and deliver more support to the Police Service.” Mr. Hodgman said.

TAS Shadow Minister for Police Elise Archer

TAS Shadow Minister for Police Elise Archer









“The Police Minister, Lin Thorp, is completely out of touch with the community and out of touch with what is happening in her own department.  She can’t sit back and say its somebody else’s problem.  It’s her problem.  If it’s good enough for Lin Thorp to talk about Police Numbers and postings in an election, it should be good enough for her to talk about the issue now.” Shadow Minister for Police Elise Archer said.

“Labor promised to fix the problem, but so far Lin Thorp has done nothing.”

“What is more concerning is that Lin Thorp and Lara Giddings have also failed to rule out cuts to the Police Budget.  If they can’t rule out budget cuts, then this situation is only likely to get worse.” Ms. Archer said.

“I know Ms. Thorp is focused on her upcoming election campaign and is trying to avoid difficult questions after a horrendous year in 2010, but as a Minister, her first priority is to the people of Tasmania.”

“She needs to actually stand up and tell Tasmanians exactly when she is going to fix this problem, why she has failed to act so far and how big the Police Budget cuts will be.” Ms. Archer said.