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When The End Justifies The Means is the Mantra or Modus Operandi by which the Labor Party goes by. Born to protect Oppression and Improve the Conditions of Workers the Labor Party has time and again bullied, intimidated, harassed and Stopped Editor Victor P Taffa from publishing The Southern Thunderer and in earning an income. Editor Victor P Taffa was in the 1980’s a member of the Retail, Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association and has never been and never will join the Labor Party.

Between 6 October and 18 October 2010 Editor Victor P Taffa was unable to publish articles because Media Office Equipment was STOLEN and dressed up to give the impression of a lack of Judgement.

Political Interference by the Labor Party towards everything Victor P Taffa supports or sought to do stretch back at least since joining the Liberal Party in December 1982. The Labor Party have even managed to force the Balmain Tigers Rugby League out of Balmain. Following the vote to sell the Balmain Leagues Club to the Metro Rail Authority in 2009 Editor Victor P Taffa was assaulted after having spoken out against the sale at the meeting.

Perhaps this hatred can be traced to the defeat of William Dovey QC in a Sydney Divorce Trial by Victor P Taffa’s late Grandfather Eugene Sayegh in 1946. Eugene Sayegh was the first Lebanese born Australian admitted to the Bar in 1927 in New South Wales. William Dovey’s daughter Margaret married Former Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam.

Even as a student at St. Patrick’s College Strathfield remarks were made to fellow student Damian Gleeson of which the Labor Party took unkindly to. Damian Gleeson was the son of Former NSW Premier Neville Wran’s Right Hand Man Jerry Gleeson. The irony of this is that Neville Wran ended legal discrimination against Homosexuals and that is the reason behind twice being placed in a Psychiatric Hospital and as the real reason why the Labor Party never wants Victor P Taffa to sit on Ryde City Council or any Parliament.

The Labor Party is Homophobic and relies on the Mental Health System and New South Wales Police to “Do its dirty work” against Victor P Taffa.

While a Member of the Liberal Party and then the National Party Victor P Taffa was never subjected to such ongoing harassment and attempted humiliation as has occurred since The Southern Thunderer was First Published on Wednesday 14 October 2009.

Media Organisations such as Fairfax and News Ltd would never envisage a situation where Labor Politicians deny Journalists access to the Sydney or Canberra Press Galleries or stage a deliberate ROBBERY of Media Equipment from its premises.

While having contested the 1999 and 2004 Ryde City Council Elections only since the October 2008 Ryde State By-Election has the dirt thrown at Victor P Taffa been so ferocious.

It should be noted that after the Ryde By-Election attempts were made to rejoin the Liberal Party and NSW Liberal Leader Barry O’Farrell was unable to overturn a State Executive vote to freeze me out for 10 years and the same pressure was applied to the NSW National Party. Perhaps the NSW Liberal Leader fears a Political rival. The 3 elections that Victor P Taffa has contested are contained in .It would seem that Editor Victor P Taffa is the Christian who is thrown out to the Labor Lions and hung out to dry by some in the Liberal Party.

October 2008 Ryde State By-Election

Victor P Taffa campaigned on Railway Expansion Plans and was not aware that then NSW Transport Minister David Campbell would pass through without a vote the Metro Rail Authority Bill that was designed to destroy RailCorp, sack Train Drivers’ and Guards’ and operate independently that would not do one thing to upgrade the existing network.

The Metro Rail Bill was put before Parliament in November 2008. When Former Premier Bob Carr announced plans for Metro Rail one wonders why it took until after the Ryde By-Election to move such a bill. Having abandoned Metro Rail why hasn’t the Keneally Government closed down the Metro Rail Authority and redeployed the 100 staff back to RailCorp?

Has the compensation paid out to potential operators of Metro Rail been made so as to ensure political donations will flow for the 2011 State Election? It should be also noted that in recent Media Stories the G.P.T. Group announced Plans to Pull out of Newcastle. The same group is the Landlord to Retail Giant David Jones and G.P.T. has been reported as a donor to the NSW Liberal Party.

Victor P Taffa supports Retail Giant David Jones staying put in Newcastle and NSW Liberal Leader Barry O’Farrell should maximise pressure on G.P.T. to keep the David Jones building so to allow David Jones a badly needed refurbishment.

The City Relief Line and Western Express Rail Project is simply the Western Metro Line that Former Premier Nathan Rees announced. The problem with this project is that it ends with a City Stub and all the operational problems that will bring in the years ahead not to mention the cost of extending existing underground platforms.

To put this in context the Carlingford Line could be undergoing duplication NOW and as contained in the Bradfield Line as a second city circle line offers better value for money and future network capacity. The other problem with the City Relief Line proposed by the Keneally Government is there are NO plans for additional tracks across Sydney Harbour.

Editor Victor P Taffa Has Long Supported Railway Expansion

Editor Victor P Taffa Has Long Supported Railway Expansion





















Michael Daley MP

NSW Minister for Police and Labor Opposition Leadership aspirant met Editor Victor P Taffa at the Goulburn Police College at a Media Conference. Mr. Daley officially opened a simulated firing range and decided to be brave and “give it a go.” Mr. Daley in his excitement got “Shot Dead.” while others trying the new simulated display did not. I made a comment later to Mr. Daley which he did not find amusing. “You won’t become Premier like that. We will need a Maroubra By-Election.” Clearly when Labor loses the 2011 NSW State Election Michael Daley MP will be doing the numbers on outgoing Premier Kristina Keneally.

It should also be noted that 1 day before the ROBBERY of the Media Equipment of The Southern Thunderer an email regarding Tasers vs. Capsicum Spray was sent to NSW Police Minister Michael Daley simply asking some basic questions.

Having said that who is responsible for applying pressure on Westpac bank in 2003 to force me to sell my home during an application process to join the NSW Police? This was on top of the letter sent to then Commissioner Ken Moroney about the Heroin Injecting Room at Kings Cross. How many applicants to the NSW Police are forced to sell their home?

At a recent Save Our Rail Maitland meeting it was reported that Newcastle MP Jodi Mckay may “Possible run as an Independent.”  This would certainly be a sign that following the dumping of Bryce Gaudry that the Labor Party has finally dumped Newcastle and all Novocastrians.

November 2008

While the Metro Rail Bill was passed without dissent political interference began while Victor P Taffa engaged I.T. people to started building Once again the Labor Party cannot tolerate a different point of view and their dirty tricks cost Victor P Taffa dearly in financial terms when the Labor Party had already interfered in 2007 with relation to driving a Taxi-Cab and earning an income. The problem that Labor Politicians do not understand is that they rise through a political system that gives them money that they haven’t had to work for themselves.

Since the Media Equipment of Victor P Taffa was STOLEN some of the remarks made by people about The Southern Thunderer include:

“You’re not making any money from it.”


This comment was made by a resident of Marrickville who does not own a computer. My reply was that there are 3 sizes of advertising space that can be purchased and selling advertising space is in itself a fulltime job. This comment also implies that you should not even try and I also replied that the 3 Elections that I have contested have also made me no money. All those Labor Politicians shedding crocodile tears over The Southern Thunderer are most welcome to buy advertising space.

“No One knows about The Southern Thunderer.”

When the Labor Party is not sabotaging The Southern Thunderer readership has grown steadily. Visit Statistics are posted on the Front Page and The Southern Thunderer is Free-To-View. The first time that The Southern Thunderer was sabotaged was in December 2009 when it went OFF-LINE mysteriously for 8 days and even my Lawyer Refused to tell me who was responsible. The theft of Media Equipment in 2010 again ensured that the Southern Thunderer could not be published.

Sabotaging a Media Outlet and Placing the Editor under House arrest in a Psychiatric Hospital is something that occurred in Nazi Germany, Communist China, Soviet Union or any other dictatorship. For the record Adolf Hitler gassed many Homosexuals.

“All you do is whinge”

This person who made the comment was misinformed. The Labor Party cannot handle a different political opinion. The problem that Australia has is that there is only 1 Government that is Non-Labor. As Editor Coverage of elections requires a big effort and is hard work. In its cowardly wisdom the Labor Party waited until almost immediately after the South Australia and Tasmania 20 March 2010 State Elections to take me to a Psychiatric Hospital on 26 March 2010 for 7 weeks and then blackmail me into signing a C.T.O. in order to be discharged. Also at the end of 2009 the Labor Party had placed Victor P Taffa under enormous pressure in regards to standing in Newcastle. The Media Release was posted on 7 March 2010. The timing of Hospitalisation was also 1 year to the day of the 2011 NSW State Election.

The outcome of the South Australia, Tasmania and Federal Elections will go down in history as black marks on democracy in Australia. When our State Government’s had a variety of Government’s such as a National Party Government, Liberal Coalition and Labor in other states there was a balance in the entire political system. In 2010 there is no balance and the Labor Party are simply using gutter tactics against Editor Victor P Taffa.

Further pressure during the 21 August 2010 Federal Election and the 2 October 2010 WA Armadale State By-Election saw my Credit Card Numbers stolen, Debit Card stolen and Media Equipment STOLEN.

Editor Victor P Taffa will be covering the November 2010 Victoria State Election and the worst outcome would be the return of the Brumby Government or a Hung Parliament. One wonders what retribution will occur as a result of coverage of the Victoria Election.

Only a person of enormous character and strength and faith can sustain the ongoing attacks by the Labor Party. Perhaps I am in good company. Former Newcastle MP Bryce Gaudry, Griffith MP Kevin Rudd, Lakemba MP Morris Iemma and Toongabbie MP Nathan Rees have shared the same disease and been destroyed by cowards.

“It’s only a Railway Paper”

The Southern Thunderer is a General on-line Newspaper. The Southern Thunderer began in 2009 with the top dark blue row of tab pages. The Transport and Health Pages were added as were the reverse blue lower row of Pages. All of these I.T. changes have again come out of the pocket of Victor P Taffa and would gladly accept advertising revenue. The Labor Party also hated the coverage of AFL Football results in the Sports Page and the deliberate attack on the Media Equipment was only delayed by the replayed AFL Grand Final.


If the Labor Party wishes to continue down the path of stopping Victor P Taffa from a career in Parliament then “those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” It can be alleged that Senator Penny Wong is Lesbian as is NSW Labor MLC Penny Sharpe and Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown is also allegedly Homosexual. This is notwithstanding that I saw Former NSW Labor Transport Minister David Campbell at Kens at Kensington in 2009 and reported this via email to other media outlets. Society no longer accepts rape against women and Homophobic violence should similarly be frowned upon. Gay Marriage maybe the only way to permanently end the entrenched hatred and discrimination as a tool of choice by the Labor Party. Just for the record I do not hate women. After all my mother gave birth to me.


The attacks on my sexuality by Labor presuppose that it is a “choice” or that Male Telephone Chat lines are used to “win” votes. Homosexuality is not a choice and not a means to win votes from what is supposed to be a minority group. Why would I choose to be part of a minority and face derision and ostracism? As with Bipolar Disorder I was born it. While pregnant with me my Mother Margaret suffered “Nervous Shock” upon learning of the death of Victor P Taffa aged 44 years of whom was my Father Ron’s Brother. As such I was born with Bipolar Disorder and have never attempted self harm or harm to others.


Further to the cowardly attacks by people about Homosexuality is that as a student at St. Patrick’s College Strathfield in 1975 a student named Michael Mckee committed suicide. Michael used to sit in front of me in class and we had good banter at school. Michael was very good looking and also lived at Granville. At one point of time I remember asking Michael was wrong as he kept to himself to a degree. I could sense that he wanted to open up to me but was hiding something. He said “I can’t my parents would kill me.” I did not realise until much later in life about Homosexuality however Michael Mckee committed suicide because he knew that he could not face his parents. I kept my own secret which lead to depression and through strength of character I am still here today. It also takes certain strength to actually commit suicide and not the weakness that people say that it is. Granville is also a good place to live and the lessons of the Granville Rail Disaster should never be forgotten.


In 1979 as a 14 year old Editor Victor P Taffa and Family went on Summer Holidays to Terrigal and stayed at a Holiday Unit. Other relatives included the Clarkson Family. Alan Clarkson was a famous and experienced Sporting Journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald. Our families spent many happy holidays together until Cancer struck. Peter Clarkson was 15 years old and contracted Leukaemia. Within months Peter had both legs completely amputated and the cancer then went through his lungs. Needless to say he died and was simply such a tragic waste of life.

When Australia is faced with the situation of fixed term Parliaments and an entrenched Party in Power the old saying: “Absolute Power Corrupts absolutely” could not be any further from the truth than it is today in 2010.


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