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South Australia Shadow Minister for Transport Vickie Chapman

Make Bus Performance Data Public

Victor P Taffa

The Liberal Opposition is calling on the State Government to publish detailed reports of payments made to private bus operators and the results of performance audits.

Similar information is published on the internet by the Victorian Government and the Liberals think publishing the information will increase confidence in the public transport system.

Shadow Transport Minister, Vickie Chapman, says the Government needs to be honest with the public about what services are being provided and how much operators were being paid for them.

“This is a very simple way for people to look at what level of service are being provided and what the Government is doing about poor service delivery.” Ms. Chapman said.

“People will be able to quickly identify what private operators are being paid and what services were being provided for that money.”

“Currently, information concerning on-time performance and fines is provided to the public on an ad hoc basis which is not good enough.”

“If Minister Fox is running the system properly she won’t mind people having a look at what she is doing.” Ms. Chapman said.


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