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South Australia Shadow Minister for Education David Pisoni

Weatherill Toys With Community Libraries

Victor P Taffa

In his final days as Education Minister, Premier Weatherill delivered a devastating blow to local communities, slashing funding for toy libraries across the state.

Mr. Weatherill’s decision shows that after a decade in the Labor Cabinet and despite his recent family-friendly rhetoric he has lost touch with what is important to South Australian families.

Despite a ballooning education department under Mr. Weatherill, the now-Premier cut funding to school budgets and community projects rather than improve the way he ran his department.

Shadow Education Minister David Pisoni said Mr. Weatherill must instruct his new Education Minister Grace Portolesi to go back to the drawing board and find savings in her bloated bureaucracy before cutting toy library funding.

“Mr. Weatherill obviously prefers to target community projects to make budget savings rather than rocking the boat by cutting his own bureaucracy.” Mr. Pisoni said.

“For example, the Auditor-General identified $4.5 Million worth of surplus Education Department employees just last year. These are staff who are paid up to $120 000 p.a. but have nothing to do.”

“Toy libraries provide a great service to many South Australian families and deserve to continue to receive government grants.” Mr. Pisoni said.

“Any Minister with a genuine interest in education outcomes would make sure the Education Department was running efficiently before taking the knife to community services such as toy libraries.”

“Mr. Weatherill has been spinning the family line for weeks but actions speak louder than words and the damage his funding cuts will do to the community is significant.” Mr. Pisoni said.


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