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‘Heartless’ Thief Steals Wheelchair From UK Visitor – Newtown

Newtown Police are appealing for public assistance after a motorised wheelchair was stolen from a home this week.

A 61-year-old woman had travelled from the UK to visit family members and brought her motorised wheelchair with her.

The wheelchair, valued at $1,500, was last seen at 9.15am on Wednesday (9 December) when it was moved to the front porch of the home in Bucknell Street. It was gone when the owner needed to use it at 10.15am.

Newtown Duty Officer, Inspector Tony Heyward, said this was a heartless theft, with the victim especially vulnerable.

“The owner needs this special piece of equipment to achieve mobility.” Insp. Heyward said.

“It is disappointing that she has travelled all this distance to Australia, only to have this heartless thief ruin what was a long-planned family reunion.”

“Investigators appeal to the public to come forward if they have any information about the theft, or know the whereabouts of the wheelchair.” Insp. Heyward said.

“Anyone with information can contact Newtown Police, or Crime Stoppers on 1 800 333 000. Callers to Crime Stoppers can remain anonymous if they desire.”

“Whether this was an opportunistic theft, or just a stupid prank, it has had a major impact on this family, and we want to return this wheelchair to its owner as soon as possible.” Insp. Heyward said.


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