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South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond

Labor’s Secretive RAH Plans Must Be Revealed

Victor P Taffa

The Liberal Opposition is calling on the Weatherill Labor government to immediately reveal its plans for the future of the current Royal Adelaide Hospital site.

“The government needs to make its future plans for this important piece of land crystal clear.” Liberal Leader Isobel Redmond said.

“Health Minister Hill confused the issue today with muddled explanations about Labor’s plans for the site, indicating elements of the current hospital will stay where they are, while insisting it would be ridiculous to maintain two hospitals.”

“The current arrangement where the hospital, teaching and research facilities are co-located in a single hub is being torn apart without proper planning from the Weatherill government.”

“The State Liberals have previously called on the government to make clear its plans for the University’s medical school, the Hanson Institute (IMVS), the Robinson Institute and other teaching establishments including the nursing schools, outpatients, obstetrics, ophthalmology and oncology services.” Ms. Redmond said.

“Shifting the university will only add additional costs for future governments as they look to wrangle with Labor’s lack of foresight.”

“Is the current RAH land to be given to the University of Adelaide? Is it to become the site for hotel or arts precinct? Is it to continue on in medical health role? South Australians need some answers.” Ms. Redmond said.

“By unnecessarily moving the RAH to the other end of the city, Labor has created a new set of problems for future governments to fix.”

“South Australians will be paying $1.1 Million a day for 30 years from 2015-16 for the relocation of the hospital. This will put further pressures on a precarious Health budget for years to come as well as the increasing cost of living for all South Australians.” Ms. Redmond said.


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