What Really Is Reform?

What Really Is Reform?

Queensland Shadow Minister for Health Mark McArdle

Health Reform – Questions Outside The GST

Victor P Taffa

The State Opposition today said Queensland taxpayers deserved more detail about the reported changes to their Public Health System and how their money would be spent.

Shadow Minister for Health Mark McArdle said Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s new public hospital funding arrangements between the Federal and State Governments, though doing away with the GST component, must not be accepted without a lot more detail.

“The Federal Government needs to give more detail other than just telling Queenslanders they will be moving their money around the country.”  Mr. McArdle said.

“If the Queensland Government is now going to agree to make contributions to a central Federal Government fund, there are number of questions to be answered:

1. How is the figure of Queensland’s contribution to be calculated?

2. Will all that money come back to Queensland’s public health system?

3. What are the administration costs involved between the double handling of State Government funds to the new body and then return to the Queensland State Government?

4. Who will arbitrate between the new body and Queensland about the value of each initiative?

“Ms. Gillard said the Federal Government would contribute 50 Cents for every new $1.00 needed for Public Hospitals.  Queensland’s tax payers want more detail and they deserve answers.” Mr. McArdle said.

Queensland has every right to be sceptical about the latest Plans to affect the Nation’s Health System. In 1922 a Queensland Labor State Government abolished the Queensland Legislative Council despite a Referenda result to the contrary and then promised as a ‘Sweetener’ the introduction of Free Health in Queensland.

This situation continued for decades until the Whitlam Labor Government introduced Medibank and in return much to the disgust of then National Party Queensland Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen forced Queenslanders to start paying for Health that a Queensland Labor Government had stopped.

Is it just possible that the costs of Medicare are out of control?