What Is The Truth Mr. Foley?

What Is The Truth Mr. Foley?

South Australia Shadow Minister for Police David Ridgway

Mystery In Foley’s Bashing Case

Victor P Taffa

The much-anticipated court case against a man who allegedly bashed Police Minister Kevin Foley in the toilet of an up-market Gouger Street bar will not go ahead as scheduled tomorrow.

Early last month, Mr. Foley broke down in tears at an emotional media conference he’d called to claim he was the victim of an unprovoked attack in the Royale Lounge.

Mr. Foley next went on a series of radio programs defending his behaviour on the night, saying he was the innocent party. Meanwhile Royale Lounge owner Shane Wolf said staff told him Mr. Foley was aggressive after the alleged attack.

The alleged attacker went to the Adelaide Police Station, where he was charged with assault and granted Police bail.

He was to appear in the Magistrate Court tomorrow, where Police would have set out the Minister’s allegations against the accused.

To do that, Police would need a signed statement from Mr. Foley. Had the case gone to trial Mr Foley’s sworn evidence could have been cross-examined by the defence. But yesterday, Police prosecutions told the defence they would not proceed and would not be laying a complaint.

Because there is now no charge against the man, the court will not receive witness statements and the public will not hear evidence from the man, bar staff, or Mr. Foley.

“I am absolutely mystified.” Shadow Police Minister David Ridgway said.

“I want to know why police are not proceeding. I want to know whether Mr Foley has made a signed statement – all South Australians deserve an explanation.

“Mr. Foley claimed he was bashed without reason. The facts would have been laid out in open court, and Mr. Foley’s account would have been tested against the testimony of the defence.” Mr. Ridgway said.

“After the alleged attack, Premier Mike Rann supported Mr. Foley and was quoted saying Foley’s assailants should go to jail even though the case against them was unconfirmed.”

“We need answers. Mr. Foley is in the unique position of being Police Minister. We need to know what happened on the night and we need to see Mr. Foley’s sworn statement.”

“I want to know why his allegations won’t be tested in court.” Mr. Ridgway said.