What Has The Weatherill Government Got Against Newsagents?

What Has The Weatherill Government Got Against Newsagents?

South Australia Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans

Minister O’Brien Needs To Answer One Question

Victor P Taffa

Minister O’Brien gave a three and a half page ministerial statement to Parliament late this afternoon trying to defend the Weatherill Government’s across government stationary contract which will see local South Australian newsagents lose the right to supply schools.

The Minister’s statement simply sets out the process the Government went through that resulted in South Australian newsagents being excluded from supplying schools something they have been doing for the last 40 years.

The one question Minister O’Brien did not address in his Ministerial Statement is this:

Will the Government change its across Government stationary contract so that the newsagents’ cooperative can continue to supply schools as they have for the last 40 years, and if so why not?

“Well Minister, what’s the answer? Is the Weatherill Government going to change its policy to help local newsagents or not?” Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans asked.