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ACT Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Hanson

Doctored E.D Data: What Else Has Been Falsified?

Victor P Taffa

In light of the revelations that emergency department figures were doctored by a senior health official, questions remain about what other health and hospital results have been falsified.

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher needs to assure Canberrans of the truthfulness of all other recent health and hospital results she has released, ACT Shadow Health Minister Jeremy Hanson today.

“There is still no explanation from Katy Gallagher about why emergency department results were falsified to look better and whether other data has been corrupted.” Mr. Hanson said today.


“In a briefing from the Health Directorate yesterday I was advised that the official who has been stood down also had access to hospital performance results beyond the emergency department and Katy Gallagher and her staff simply didn’t know if other data has been falsified.”

“Katy Gallagher has been releasing ‘emergency department report cards’ which are now utterly discredited and should be withdrawn subject to an independent investigation. I also question whether recent Health Directorate Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports and the ACT Budget contain falsified hospital results that need to be corrected.” Mr. Hanson said.

“We need a truly independent inquiry to investigate the extent of the deception, how this deception occurred, why it occurred, and what other hospital results are not true.”

“There has been a serious breach of trust between Katy Gallagher and the community and only a fully independent investigation will start to restore the community’s faith in the health information they are given by the Government.” Mr. Hanson said.


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