What Does Labor Really Care About?

What Does Labor Really Care About?

South Australia Shadow Minister for Health Duncan McFetridge

Labor Pushes Ahead With Ward 4G Closures

Victor P Taffa

Labor has ignored the concerns of young people with eating disorders and decided to push ahead with the closure of the Eating Disorders Unit (Ward 4G) at Flinders Medical Centre.

Mental Health Minister John Hill has written to all pro-Ward 4G petition signatories restating Labor’s decision to close Ward 4G on 1 June this year, only seven days away.

“Mr. Hill claims a comprehensive state-wide model of care for people with eating disorders will be developed, but no plan or model of care has yet been released.” Shadow Minister for Health Duncan McFetridge said.

Dr. McFetridge said recommendations from a review undertaken in March this year by Deidre Mulligan were meant to be finalised in April with the release of a new model of care.

“True to Labor’s mental health form, this review has been delayed.”

“Mr. Hill’s letter states the new model of care will now be based on recommendations from the 2009 review, which hasn’t been publically released.” Dr. McFetridge said.

“Mental Health professionals have warned that if this move goes ahead, there will be dire consequences”.

“Eating Disorder Unit patients are the most vulnerable of all mental health patients.” Dr. McFetridge said.

“To continue along a predetermined path, ignoring patients, parents and psychiatrists is not only fraught with danger but very arrogant and foolish.”

“It is clear Labor has stopped listening and South Australians will suffer as a result.” Dr. McFetridge said.