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Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett

Western Australia Minister for Mines and Petroleum Norman Moore

Westonia Opens A New Chapter A Century After The Start Of Its Golden History

Victor P Taffa

Premier Colin Barnett and Mines and Petroleum Minister Norman Moore helped celebrate the centenary of the town of Westonia today by officially re-opening the Edna May Goldmine.

Premier Barnett praised the hard work that had gone into opening a new chapter in Western Australia’s gold mining history.

“Catalpa Resources’ Edna May mine site was first pegged back in 1910 and Westonia was developed in response to service the subsequent gold rush.” Premier Barnett said.

“This is typical of the role gold mining has played in WA’s history. The current strong international price for gold has resulted in a modern day gold rush.”


Mr. Moore said he was pleased to see Catalpa had revived such an important and historic project.

“The reopened Edna May mine is expected to have a life of more than nine years and annually produce more than 100,000 ounces of gold.” Mr. Moore said.

“The mine site is located just two km from the Westonia Town site and its infrastructure which is a situation that poses both advantages and challenges.”

“Catalpa will need to manage the mine carefully during the course of its life to minimise disturbance to the local community.” Mr. Moore said.

“If it can do this then the mine will be a great asset to the area, providing massive demand for local labour, goods and services.”

The Premier and Mr. Moore both noted the recent boom in gold mining was reflected in WA’s exploration sector, with the $80 Million spent on exploration for the March 2010 quarter up 44 % on the March 2009 figure.

Gold producers made up half of the submissions to the State Government’s Royalties for Regions co-funded drilling program for 2010-11, with 50 % of those applications eventually successful in obtaining grants.

WA Minister for Mines and Petroleum Norman Moore

WA Minister for Mines and Petroleum Norman Moore


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