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Victoria State Election 27 November 2010

Victoria Electoral Commission

Victor P Taffa

The Legislative Council is made up of 8 Regions of which 5 members represent each Region in the Parliament.

Going Into the 27 November 2010 Election the makeup of the House is as follows:

Legislative Council

Party                           Seats Held

Labor                                       19

Liberal                                     15

National                                  2

Greens                                     3

Democratic Labor Party          1

Total Seats:                            40


Primary First Preference Votes


Above the line

Below the line

Total first preference votes counted

% of total formal votes counted

Indicative quota

A – SEX PARTY12,3801,14513,5254.50%0.27
B – AUSTRALIAN LABOR PARTY140,6462,714143,36047.74%2.86
C – FAMILY FIRST9,67346010,1333.37%0.20
D – D.L.P. – DEMOCRATIC LABOR PARTY8,7316849,4153.14%0.19
E – AUSTRALIAN GREENS32,2323,26935,50111.82%0.71
F – LIBERAL86,2882,04888,33629.42%1.77



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