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Western Australia Electoral Commission

Polling Day 9 March 2013

Victor P Taffa

Legislative Council

Progressive Statewide First Preference Vote By Party

Australian Christians23,173
Family First16,058
Liberal Party569,927
Shooters and Fishers21,168
The Greens (WA)96,963
WA Labor391,070


Count Progress 87.49%

 * This percent will only reach 100% if all eligible electors vote.

Last updated: 16 March 2013 5:30 pm


Legislative Assembly Update

Electorate:                  Current Result

Belmont                      Liberal ahead of Labor by 319 votes

Collie-Preston             Labor ahead of Liberal by 20 votes

Eyre                             Liberal ahead of Nationals by 125 votes

Midland                      Labor ahead of Liberal by 49 votes


Minister for Agriculture Terry Redman will most likely hold onto his seat of Warren-Blackwood as the current lead over his Liberal opponent is 1,375 votes.

Likely Makeup of Legislative Assembly


Party               Seats Held

Liberal            31

Labor               21

National          7

Total Seats     59


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