West Coast Eagles To Visit The Gascoyne On 3-4 February 2011

West Coast Eagles To Visit The Gascoyne On 3-4 February 2011

Western Australia Minister for Sport & Recreation Terry Waldron

Minister Applauds Sporting Gesture By Gascoyne Association

Victor P Taffa

Sport and Recreation Minister Terry Waldron says a generous pledge by the Gascoyne Football Association (GFA) to help out other flood affected Sporting Associations in its community is an example of the power of sport and recreation to bring communities together.

Mr. Waldron, who recently visited Carnarvon to meet with affected local sporting groups and the race club, has applauded the association’s offer to donate gate proceeds of a function to be held as part of a West Coast Eagles visit to the Gascoyne on February 3-4.

The event on February 3 includes a community barbecue, plus a question and answer session for local sports association and club members with West Coast Coach John Worsfold.

“The Gascoyne Football Association’s generous pledge to share the proceeds of this fundraising event with other sports in its community really is the epitome of good sportsmanship.” the Minister said.

“However, it’s not so surprising given the important role sport and recreation plays in bringing regional communities together and bonding people within them.”

“In Regional areas in particular, it is the local sporting clubs that act as the main catalyst for social gatherings and community interaction.”

“The result is a close-knit community where people look out for one another and the Gascoyne Football Association’s pledge is a prime example of that.”

Mr. Waldron’s sentiments about clubs and communities were mirrored by GFA President Heather Hibben.

“We thought that footy got out of the flood quite lightly and that it would be a nice gesture to help out those sports more affected than us.” Ms. Hibben said.

“Sporting clubs are the lifeblood of regional communities they really help to bring the community together.”

“Most people in our region are in more than one club the footballers drive racing cars and so on and it’s really important that we help each other out.” Ms. Hibben said.

The State Government announced last week it would set up a $3 Million fund to help Carnarvon growers return to production. The assistance is in addition to funds already available to growers under the Western Australian Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.