West Australians Heed The Call To Save Water

West Australians Heed The Call To Save Water

Western Australia Minister for Water Bill Marmion

Water Savings Add Up

Victor P Taffa

More than Three Billion Litres of water have been saved in the first days of summer following the Water Corporation’s call for West Australians to save 60 Litres of water a day.

Water Minister Bill Marmion praised the response to the campaign and urged the 1.6 Million users of the State’s integrated water supply scheme to keep up their efforts during the festive season.

“We have got away to a flying start since summer began with savings averaging about 72 Litres per person per day.” Mr. Marmion said.

“Everyone deserves to be congratulated for a tremendous start in the quest to save 13 Billion litres of water over the next four months.”



The Minister said one of the major reasons behind the decision to reintroduce the two day sprinkler roster for summer despite the lowest ever run off into dams was because the community had shown considerable restraint through spring.

“It is early days, but so far everyone is continuing to heed the Water Corporation’s highly visible Target 60 campaign to reach the desired target of saving 13 Billion Litres of water.” the Minister said.

Mr. Marmion said the water supply situation remained serious and the community had a major role to play in helping to avoid tougher water restrictions next summer.

“If there is not a reasonable amount of run-off into the dams next winter and strong efforts are not made to save as much water as possible now, then we will have to tighten the watering rosters significantly next year.” Mr. Marmion said.

“The community’s efforts and water saving behaviour has given me confidence that we will reach our targets.”

“However, it will only be achieved through relentless, ongoing community action.” Mr. Marmion said.