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Polling Day Saturday 20 October 2018

Australian Electoral Commission

Wentworth Voters Have Their Say

Victor P Taffa

Australian Electoral Commission has released candidate First Preference Votes polled for the Wentworth Federal By-Election held on Saturday 20 October 2018.


Wentworth (NSW)

Enrolment: 103,810

Turnout: 73.91%

Informality: 4.83%

First Preference Count for the division of Wentworth (NSW)

43 of 43 polling places returned.


16 Nominated Candidates In Ballot Paper Draw Order

Candidate                             Party/ Independent            Votes               % Vote

CALLANAN, Robert             Katter’s Australian Party        369                  0.51%

KANAK, Dominic Wy           The Greens                              6,288               8.61%

HIGSON, Shayne                   Voluntary Euthanasia Party    470                  0.64%

GEORGANTIS, Steven         Australian People’s Party       78                    0.11%

MURRAY, Tim                      Labor                                       8,405               11.51%

FORSYTH, Ben                     Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party  131                  0.18%

ROBINSON, Tony                 Australian Liberty Alliance    149                  0.20%

GUNNING, Samuel Joseph    Liberal Democrats                  320                  0.44%

SHARMA, Dave                    Liberal                                     31,392             42.99%

VITHOULKAS, Angela        Independent                            799                  1.09%

DOYLE, Deb                          Animal Justice Party               397                  0.54%

LEONG, Andrea                    Science Party                          494                  0.68%

HEATH, Licia                         Independent                            1,644               2.25%

KELDOULIS, Barry              The Arts Party                         298                  0.41%

PHELPS, Kerryn                    Independent                            21,396             29.30%

DUNNE, Kay                         Sustainable Australia              388                  0.53%

Total Formal                                                                          73,018             95.17%

Total Informal                                                                       3,707               4.83%

Total                                                                                       76,725

Count Not Final


2018 Federal By-Election Result

Two Candidate Preferred (TCP) for Wentworth (NSW)

Candidate                            Party               Votes             Margin          Margin (%)

SHARMA, Dave                    Liberal             36,067             -884                 49.39%

PHELPS, Kerryn                    Independent    36,951             884                  50.61%


2016 Federal Election Result

Two Candidate Preferred (TCP) For Wentworth (NSW)

Candidate                           Party               Votes           Margin          Margin (%)

TURNBULL, Malcolm         Liberal             56,971             29,850             67.75%

HUGHES, Evan                     Labor               27,121             -29,850            32.25%


Wentworth Division Name Derivation

Division named in honour of William Charles Wentworth, 1790 –1872. Wentworth accompanied Blaxland and Lawson on their 1813 crossing of the Blue Mountains and advocated the establishment of free and representative government.

First election this name was used at: 1901 Federal Election


Federation Division Of Wentworth

Australia became a Federation of States on 1 January 1901. Wentworth is a Federation seat created at the commencement of Federation.

Previous Members For Wentworth

Member                      Party/Independent                Term Of Office

Seat Currently Vacant

Turnbull, M                 LP                                           2004–2018*

King, P                        LP                                           2001–2004

Thomson, A                LP                                           1995–2001

Hewson, J                   LP                                           1987–1995

Coleman, P                 LP                                           1981–1987

Ellicott, R J                 LP                                           1974–1981

Bury, L H E                LP                                           1956–1974

Harrison, E J               UAP/LP                                  1931–1956

Marks, W M                NP                                           1919–1931

Kelly, W H                  FT/ANTI-SOC/LIB/NAT       1903–1919

McMillan, W              FT                                           1901–1903

*Malcolm Turnbull resigned as the member for Wentworth on 31 August 2018.



LP                   Liberal Party

UAP                United Australia Party

NP                   Nationalist Party

ANTI-SOC     Anti-Socialist Party

FT                    Free Trade Party

AEST              Australian Eastern Standard Time

TCP                 Two Candidate Preferred

NSW               New South Wales


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