Wellington Weir Project Canned

Wellington Weir Project Canned

South Australia Shadow Minister for Agriculture Adrian Pederick

More Good Money After Bad On Weir

Victor P Taffa

Damage to the Pomanda Island Causeway will send good public money after bad says Local MP and Shadow Minister for Agriculture Adrian Pederick, whose electorate covers the lower Murray and lakes.

The 1.6 km Causeway was part of a $15 Million Project to build access roads to the shore sites of the proposed Wellington Weir.

Record inflows into the Murray Darling system have raised the river levels to extraordinary heights and resulted in the State Government cancelling the weir.

Mr. Pederick said High River levels combined with recent wild weather has caused significant damage to the causeway, necessitating repairs.

“Water Minister Paul Caica has acknowledged responsibility for maintenance of the weir access roads rests with the government. They are therefore bound to make good the causeway damage.”

“We’ve gone from the weir nobody wanted and roads nobody uses to a broken causeway to nowhere, and still the government is spending taxpayers’ money.” Mr. Pederick said.

“It could have been used to remove the bunds at Narrung and Clayton, where, I understand, removal is held up for the want of funds.”

“The Rann Government will have monuments to its years in office monuments to its bad judgement, bad management and wastefulness.” Mr. Pederick said.