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South Australia Opposition Leader Steven Marshall

South Australia Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Vickie Chapman

Weatherill’s Train To Nowhere Another Broken Labor Promise

Victor P Taffa

After last year crushing the hopes of residents in Gawler and abandoning the northern rail electrification, Part-time Treasurer Weatherill has this year announced a $152 Million project that still will not deliver electric train services to Gawler.

“People in Adelaide’s northern suburbs should not be fooled Mr. Weatherill has not promised an electrified passenger service to the North.” State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall said.

“Mr. Weatherill’s plan announced last week is for an electrified train line to Dry Creek to avoid the embarrassment of towing electric trains to be serviced.”

“Despite already spending $400 Million on train upgrades in the North and promising another $150 Million, Mr. Weatherill will not be delivering electric train services to Gawler.”

“Part-time Treasurer Weatherill must have been watching ‘Yes Minister’ before delivering his budget last week.” Mr. Marshall said.

“Instead of having a hospital with no patients, South Australia will have a train with no passengers!”

“A person in Mawson Lakes will be able to look north at poles without wires connecting them and then south at electric trains that they can’t use.” Mr. Marshall said.

Before the 2010 State Election, Labor promised South Australians an electric train service to Gawler by 2013.

It is now 2013 and the Weatherill Labor Government is again promising it will deliver electric train services to Gawler sometime in the future at a date unknown.


SA Shadow Minister for Transport & Infrastructure Vickie Chapman

SA Shadow Minister for Transport & Infrastructure Vickie Chapman









“Voters should not be fooled by a Government that has a history littered with broken promises.” Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Vickie Chapman said.

“Labor has squandered a decade’s worth of opportunities, eroded business confidence, and failed to deliver on promises.”

“South Australians deserve a government with better priorities, not trains to nowhere and broken promises.”

“Labor’s management of the rail electrification program is another shining example of why South Australia needs an independent expert infrastructure body.” Mr. Marshall said.

“That is why in April I announced a Marshall Liberal Government would establish Infrastructure SA.”

“Infrastructure SA will ensure every dollar spent on infrastructure is a dollar driving the state forward and growing the economy.”

Former Labor Premier Mike Rann promised to electrify Adelaide’s Rail Network. Should Australia move to two tiers of Government there is absolutely no chance of Electrification ever occurring.

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) has a policy to close down all branch lines. This would affect Adelaide’s Rail Network. The ARTC is a Federal Government body that has a charter to only manage main lines.

Branch Lines such as the Newcastle Line in New South Wales are also under threat of closure because of the policies of the ARTC.

Shame on Premier Jay Weatherill for walking away on Rail Electrification.

The question that the Federal Government and the ARTC should answer is when will interstate trains continue into the Adelaide CBD instead of Keswick and Darwin CBD instead of Palmerston?



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