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South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond

Weatherill Puts Cost Of Living In The ‘Too Hard Basket’

Victor P Taffa

Premier Weatherill has again failed to put the interests of South Australians ahead of his own at today’s COAG meeting by refusing to tackle the subject of cost of living.

This morning on talkback radio Mr. Weatherill said he hoped the biggest thing to come out of today’s COAG meeting was skills. He said:

“Skills is massive… the single most important thing.” (ABC Radio)

Liberal Leader Isobel Redmond has demanded Mr. Weatherill explain why the plight of South Australians unable to cope with the rising cost of living doesn’t warrant a mention from Mr. Weatherill at COAG.

“Mr. Weatherill is either hopelessly out of touch with the struggles faced by South Australians or simply afraid of angering the Labor Party, or possibly both.” Ms. Redmond said.

“By not even raising the issue, Mr. Weatherill has declared that, either way, his loyalty does not lie with South Australians and their interests.”

“People are fighting to pay the bills yet Mr Weatherill won’t fight for them.” Ms. Redmond said.

“If Mr. Weatherill was doing his job properly and truly representing South Australians, he would go to Canberra and oppose Labor’s toxic carbon tax.”

“Since becoming Premier, Mr. Weatherill has consistently called for a bi-partisan approach on major issues.”

“We are calling on Mr. Weatherill to adopt a bi-partisan approach and join the other mainland Premiers in opposing the Gillard Labor Government’s toxic carbon tax.” Ms. Redmond said.


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