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South Australia Shadow Minister for Industry and Trade Steven Marshall

No Innovation In SA Under Weatherill

Victor P Taffa

The Weatherill Labor Government has cut the only program designed to stimulate innovation in the State Innovate SA to save $3 Million.

This cut comes despite the Labor Government spending $5 Million on the new Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (DMITRE) offices on Grenfell Street.

“This is an arrogant, lazy government who care more about their offices than they do about creating a vibrant business environment in South Australia.” Shadow Minister for Industry and Trade Steven Marshall said.

“Labor has closed Innovate SA, they have cut the Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Development Program and they have let down business in South Australia.”

Premier Weatherill, who boasted in November:

“It’s not much use to tell industry to simply ‘go forth and innovate’. I understand the role that Government can play…. Government procurement can help companies thrive in the private sector. We can be the link between a new idea and the wider market. And Government can make the connections between challenges faced by industry and the innovators then can solve these problems.” (CEDA Speech, 15/11/2012)

“Then within a few months he cuts the only funding that existed to stimulate innovation in South Australia. Mr. Weatherill’s hypocrisy is astounding.” Mr. Marshall said.

“This Labor Government waxes lyrical about their role in stimulating business innovation in South Australia, but in reality they have completely let down business owners, innovators and South Australians.” Mr. Marshall said.


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