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South Australia Opposition Leader Steven Marshall

Weatherill Labor Misses The Bus

Victor P Taffa

The Weatherill Labor Government has been caught allowing advertising on a government asset promoting overseas holiday destinations over South Australian locations.

A photograph sent to the State Liberals by an outraged South Australian has revealed that advertising on the back of a bus displays: “Fly to KL for less than a weekend on Kangaroo Island”.

“If Mr. Weatherill is sincere about his ‘buy local’ campaign, why does that also not include encouraging South Australians to holiday in our great State?” State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall asked.

“Once again we have Mr. Weatherill and his Labor Government saying one thing and doing another.”


“The Weatherill Labor Government spends millions of taxpayers’ dollars advertising South Australian tourism destinations, including Kangaroo Island, and then sits back while a government asset is used to promote an overseas holiday destination.” Mr. Marshall said.

“Why doesn’t the Government use its own buses to advertise a great local holiday destination?”

“This situation is easily fixed the Weatherill Labor Government contracts out bus advertising, so the Government could simply put a clause in the contract stating that all advertising must not be detrimental to South Australian businesses.”

“South Australians deserve a Government with better priorities to get our State back on track.” Mr. Marshall said.


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