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South Australia Shadow Minister for Health Rob Lucas

Disgraceful! Snelling And Hill Refuse To Apologise

Victor P Taffa

Shadow Health Minister Rob Lucas today condemned Minister Snelling and former Minister John Hill for refusing to apologise to Professor John Knight in Parliament this afternoon.

“It is a disgrace that neither man had the courage to stand up in Parliament and admit the mistakes made by the Labor Government, and apologise to Professor Knight.” Mr. Lucas said.

“Instead of an apology, Minister Snelling has appointed yet another government inquiry to be conducted by the government’s own internal consultant Warren McCann.”

“This is simply a desperate act by a desperate government to avoid doing the right thing, and to be seen as if they are taking action as a result of this massive bungle.” Mr. Lucas said.

“Alarmingly, the inquiry makes no specific reference to investigating the actions of former Minister Hill.”

“For example, the inquiry should consider whether the costs to taxpayers would have been significantly reduced if, after the Coroner exonerated Professor Knight, Minister Hill had issued an apology and the Government had settled the claim with Professor Knight.”

“It is also interesting to note Minister Snelling and former Minister Hill have still not provided an explanation as to why, after the Coroner exonerated Professor Knight, he was demoted from his position as Director of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgical Unit of Flinders University, and ultimately his contract with Flinders Medical Centre was not renewed.” Mr. Lucas said.


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