Water Waste And Mismanagement

Water Waste And Mismanagement

Acting Queensland Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg

Leak Exposes More Labor Water Waste

Victor P Taffa

Hundreds of Millions in Taxpayers’ Dollars has been poured down the drain because Labor just can’t manage water properly and keeps lying about the problems it is facing, the State Opposition said today.

Acting Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg said a leaked document exposing a series of water bungles highlighted just how badly Labor had failed Queenslanders.

“This long term Labor Government has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on a water grid that has been plagued with problems, advertising campaigns that never saw the light of day and upgrading a Queensland Water Commission office that is now half empty.” Mr. Springborg said.


“It is south-east Queenslanders who are paying the price for Labor’s mismanagement and waste with water bills going through the roof.”

Mr. Springborg said the document once again confirmed the rampant culture of spin lies and cover up within the Bligh Labor Government.

“For too long Labor Ministers have tried to get away with the Gordon Nuttall defence of claiming their department hadn’t briefed them.” Mr. Springborg said.

“This culture of denial is costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. The longer Labor ministers cover up and deny, then the more money is wasted in fixing the problems when they spiral out of control.”

Mr. Springborg called on Premier Bligh and Minister Robertson to come clean with answers to all of the questions and reveal when they became aware of each issue.

He said the Minister particularly needed to explain why $2.3 Million was spent upgrading the Queensland Water Commission’s office when its role had been wound back.

“When the Water Commission was first announced, then Premier Peter Beattie claimed it would cost ‘in the order of approximately $2 – 2.5 Million’ a year to run (Hansard, 21 April 2006) but it has ended up costing 10 times that amount.” Mr. Springborg said.

“This leaked document proves once again that this long term Labor Government is out of its depth when it comes to managing south-east Queensland’s water supplies.” Mr. Springborg said.