Water Storage Levels Down To 15.5%

Water Storage Levels Down To 15.5%

Tasmania Minister for Energy Matthew Groom

Energy Supply Plan

Victor P Taffa

As of today, Hydro’s water levels are at 15.5 %, a reduction of 0.6 % during the previous week.

Minister for Energy Matthew Groom said that through our Energy Supply Plan the Government is doing everything necessary to maintain energy security.

“The Energy Supply Plan outlines the circumstances we face, notably, low rainfall and the ongoing Basslink outage, and the actions we are taking to manage the situation.” Mr. Groom said.

“Over the past week, moderate rainfall resulted in positive inflows to the North-West catchments, slowing the draw on those storages.”

“We remain in close contact with Basslink and we anticipate that they will provide a further market update shortly.”


“The Energy Supply Plan continues to be rolled out, and this week we will begin to bring online diesel generation.” Mr. Groom said.

At this stage:

  • Prioritised sites are Catagunya Power Station, George Town Sub-station and Meadowbank Power Station, with all sites anticipated to be operating before the end of March;
  • Delivery of generators continues, with the Catagunya site receiving 24 MW and the George Town substation receiving 21 MW on site. Generation from Catagunya will commence this week;
  • The remaining generators required to meet the 100 MW end of March target have been sourced;
  • Two preferred suppliers have been appointed for the fuel supply for the Southern sites and sites outside the Bell bay region (BP) and the Georgetown/Bell Bay sites (United Petroleum).

Hydro Tasmania has also concluded a further commercial arrangement with TEMCO to reduce its energy consumption temporarily.  Again, this was a voluntary reduction and does not impact on permanent jobs or the long-term viability of the business.

This brings the total load reduction at this time to 115 MW, made up of:

Bell Bay Aluminium – 40 MW


Norske Skog – 40 MW for one week, which is equivalent to 10 MW over a month

“Hydro has advised that due to logistical issues, the return to service of the Trent Unit has been delayed by around two to three weeks. Under the revised schedule it is expected to return to the Tamar Valley Power Station during April.” Mr. Groom said.

“Tomorrow in Parliament, I will make a Ministerial Statement to provide information on the current circumstances and to outline the next steps the Government will take in addressing the challenges ahead of us.”

“Hydro and the Government will provide regular updates on the Energy Supply Plan as the situation evolves. Tasmanians can be assured we will do everything necessary to maintain energy security.” Mr. Groom said.