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South Australia Shadow Minister for River Murray Mitch Williams

Lake Albert Wall Must Go

Victor P Taffa

The State Liberals have vowed to make Labor tear down the artificial wall that separates Lake Albert from the rest of the River Murray System, Shadow River Murray Minister Mitch Williams said today.

Acting against the advice of many Conservationists and Local Water Management experts, the Government built a barrier between Lake Albert and Lake Alexandrina in 2008.



Two Water Ministers Karlene Maywald and current Minister Paul Caica solemnly promised the barrier would be temporary.

“Labor simply cannot be trusted.” Mr. Williams said.

“Despite all the water in the Murray-Darling system, Lake Albert is suffering a slow, unnecessary death.”

“The Government made a public commitment to South Australia two years ago that the wall would be removed as soon as possible.” Mr. Williams said.

“It is now not just possible it is absolutely essential. Lake Albert is so saline it has been unfit for irrigation while millions of litres of fresh water are pouring out of the nearby Murray Mouth.”

“A partial breach in the wall has not been enough to save the lake. With much of the wall remaining, flows are severely restricted and most of the heavier salt water is still stuck in Lake Albert.” Mr. Williams said.

“The Labor Government must also explain why it has not removed the embankment at Clayton.”

“This is an uncaring, uncompassionate Government.” Mr. Williams said.

“It doesn’t care that local farmers are suffering and the environment is being sacrificed through Labor’s broken promises.” Mr. Williams said.

As Queensland and now Victoria have been ravaged by Floods the time for a rethink on Water Management MUST be undertaken by all Government’s.


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