Water Efficiency Encouraged

Water Efficiency Encouraged

Victoria Minister for Water Peter Walsh

Rebates On Water-Efficient Products For All Victorians

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Coalition Government will boost rebates on water-efficient products, making them available to all Victorian households from July 1.

Minister for Water Peter Walsh said the Coalition Government was delivering on a key election commitment by doubling funding for rebates on water-efficient products to $40 Million over the next four years.

“For the first time, rebates for water-efficient products will be made available to help all Victorians including those on non-reticulated systems become water efficient in their homes and gardens.” Mr. Walsh said.

“In the face of rising water bills, these rebates will help households make great savings by installing a rainwater tank or purchasing water-efficient appliances.”

“Up to $1,000 is available for rainwater tanks that are designed and manufactured to Australian standards and are connected to a house’s toilet and laundry.”

“Rainwater tanks help us use our water efficiently and deliver year-round savings. They also assist in minimising stormwater runoff and pollution associated with the runoff.”

Mr. Walsh said the Coalition Government had also made rebates available on a new range of appliances including washing machines and pool covers.

“Washing machines are one of the biggest water users in the home and this $150 rebate provides the incentive people need to install the most water-efficient models.” Mr. Walsh said.

“A rebate of $200 has also been introduced for the first time on the cost of pool covers.”

“As we plan for a future with more people and climate change, we need to identify solutions for using and managing the water we have.”

“We need to be smarter with the use of our water in our cities and towns to make the most of every drop in our homes and gardens.” Mr. Walsh said.