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South Australia Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs

Water Bills Held To CPI For South Australia Households

Victor P Taffa

SA Water has announced that water and sewerage price adjustments for 2018-19 will be capped at 1.9 % on average, to reflect the Consumer Price Index (CPI).*

For the average metropolitan residential customer, this will mean a combined water and sewerage bill increase of around $23.**

“SA Water has been able to keep next year’s water and sewerage price increases to CPI.” Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs said.

“South Australian households are facing a number of cost of living pressures, from rising energy bills to unjustified council rate hikes.”

“Marshall Government has a strong reform agenda that will help ease the cost of living for South Australian households and lower costs for businesses.” Minister Speirs said.

“We have already provided financial relief by wiping $360 Million off Emergency Services Levy bills over the next 4 years.”

“We will also be introducing legislation to cap council rates, cap NRM Levy increases and deliver our Energy Solution to lower power bills which will further ease cost of living pressures.” Minister Speirs said.

SA Water’s water and sewerage revenues for the 2016-20 regulatory period are subject to 4-year total revenue caps set by independent regulator the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA).


SA                   South Australia

NRM               Natural Resources Management

*March Consumer Price Index, All Groups Index Number (weighted average of 8 capital cities) published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, to align to ESCOSA’s 2016-20 revenue determination.

**Based on the average metropolitan residential water use of 184 kL and property value of $447,000.


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