Wasting Police Resources And Time

Wasting Police Resources And Time

Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

Cold Case

Victor P Taffa

Advice that the Northern Territory Police have ended their investigation into the leak of the Labor boat registration policy without laying charges highlights what a disgraceful waste of Police time and resources the investigation was.

“The Henderson Government wasted taxpayer’s money in a futile attempt to hide its embarrassment about plotting to break an election promise.” Opposition Leader Terry Mills said today.

“The only crime committed here was one against the truth and the culprit was the Henderson Government.”

“Labor commenced a witch-hunt which was nothing more than a diversionary tactic.”

“The result of the Police investigation is cold comfort to fishers who now face a Government determined to introduce by registration by hook or by crook.” Mr. Mills said.

“Paul Henderson promised during the 2008 election campaign he wouldn’t introduce fishing permits.”

“The Opposition rejects the need to force recreational boaters into paying for registration, and also any requirement to pay for a fishing permit.” Mr. Mills said.

“The cost of introducing boat registration far outweighs any benefits and is almost impossible to Police.”

“The Henderson Government should abandon its misguided policy to tax recreational fishers for putting their boats on the water.” Mr. Mills said.