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Polling Day Saturday 8 September 2018

New South Wales Electoral Commission

Wagga-Wagga Voters Go To The Polls

Victor P Taffa

New South Wales Electoral Commission has released candidate First Preference Votes polled for the Wagga Wagga State By-Election held on Saturday 8 September 2018.


7 Nominated Candidates In Ballot Paper Draw Order

Candidate                          Party/ Independent          Votes               % Vote

McDONAGH Seb                  SFF                                              4,456               9.63%

HAM Julia                               Liberal                                     11,207             24.22%

McGIRR Joe                           Independent                            11,450             24.74%

GOODLASS Ray                   GRN                                            1,285               2.78%

ARENTZ Tom                        CDP                                             853                  1.84%

FUNNELL Paul                      Independent                            4,834               10.45%

HAYES Dan                           Country Labor                         10,642             23.00%

Formal                                                                                 44,727             96.66%

Informal                                                                               1,545               3.34%

Total Votes                                                                           46,272             100.00%


Count Not Final


2015 State Election Result Two Candidate Preferred

Candidate              Party           Preferred Votes         % of Preferred Votes

HAYES, Dan              CLP                 15,576                             37.11%

MAGUIRE, Daryl      LIB                 26,704                            62.89%



SFF                 Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party

LIB                 Liberal Party

IND                 Independent

GRN               The Greens

CDP                Christian Democratic Party

CLP                 Country Labor Party


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