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WA Minister for Planning John Day

WA Minister for Environment Donna Faragher

World-Class Conservation Facility At Whiteman Park

Victor P Taffa

A unique, predator-proof conservation and education facility has been created at Whiteman Park, the popular bushland in Perth’s Northern Suburbs.

Environment Minister Donna Faragher and Planning Minister John Day welcomed the creation of Woodland Reserve, which is already home to four pairs of endangered woylies.

Mrs. Faragher said the reserve was consistent with the Liberal-National Government’s broad commitment to conservation and protecting endangered species which had also recently resulted in other translocation projects of endangered mammals around Western Australia.

“Woodland Reserve will provide a breeding facility for rare and endangered fauna of the State, including the critically endangered woylie.” Mrs. Faragher said.

“Feral predators will be kept out by electrified fencing around the reserve, providing the animals with a safe habitat in which to live.”

“This natural Banksia woodland will showcase the native flora and fauna of the region and provide the metropolitan area with a highly significant conservation and education facility.” Mrs. Faragher said.

“There are plans to reintroduce plant and animal species which are in decline to the reserve, which will make an important contribution to the protection and management of our flora and fauna.”

Planning Minister John Day said this was an exciting phase in the development of Whiteman Park, which was officially opened in 1986 and is managed by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC).  Almost half of its area is retained for the conservation of wildlife.

“The opening of the Woodland Reserve marks the first step in the delivery of a new and challenging strategic agenda for Whiteman Park in the area of conservation.” Mr. Day said.

“It provides a fantastic opportunity to engage, inform and educate the wider community about the issues affecting their local environment.”

“Developments like this can help people understand the threats our environment faces and provide an example of how we can manage its long term sustainability for future generations.” Mr. Day said.


Additional Information

  • The area delineated for woylie release is enclosed by electrified fence. Detailed research pertaining to design and maintenance was undertaken, with a comprehensive investigation into a number of conservation reserves completed throughout its formation;
  • A number of contractors and researchers collaborated to develop fence specifications, which would ensure minimal chance of feral species entering the reserve;
  • Within the greater reserve area, a small 2.5 acre ‘soft release’ enclosure has been constructed. This area has been delineated for newly arriving animals, facilitating close observation and supplementary feeding where required. It is complete with an internal fence skirt to prevent animals from digging out and also an internal floppy top with hot wire;
  • A fire suppression reticulation system has been installed around the entire perimeter of the reserve. 

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