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Western Australia Minister for Transport Simon O’ Brien

North West Coastal Highway Set For Safety Improvements

Victor P Taffa

A $700,000 contract has been awarded to upgrade 11 roadside parking bays on North West Coastal Highway between Northampton and Pannawonica.

Transport Minister Simon O’Brien said that road users travelling on the very busy North-West route would benefit from the improved parking bays.

“The Liberal-National Government takes road safety seriously our sound economic management means that we can get on with building important projects like this one.” Mr. O’Brien said.

“The Gascoyne and Pilbara regions of Western Australia form the foundation of Australia’s booming economy, with most of our key mining infrastructure located in the regions.”




“With expansion in the area sent to increase even further, it is vital that we ensure one of the major routes to the region is safe and reliable.” Mr. O’Brien said.

“The work involves sealing the 11 bays, which will significantly improve safety and traffic flows and also encourage road users to drive safely and take regular breaks at the road side amenities provided by Main Roads WA.”

“Access to the rest areas will improve, meaning more people can access the bays regardless of the type of vehicle they are driving and maintenance costs to the parking bays will also be much lower.” Mr. O’ Brien said.

The works will be funded by both the State and Federal governments. Work is due to commence in April and be completed by July 2010.

In New South Wales recent highway upgrades have not included driver roadside facilities as the Keneally Government seeks to save money.


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