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Western Australia Minister for Education Elizabeth Constable

More Independence For Public Schools Began In Western Australia

Victor P Taffa

Responding to the announcement made by Prime Minister Julia Gillard regarding more autonomy for principals, Education Minister Liz Constable said Western Australia was already leading the nation in empowering public schools.

“The development of the Independent Public Schools initiative which gives greater autonomy to schools while still providing the support and benefits of the public school system was one of the key election commitments made by the WA Liberal Party before the last State election in 2008.” Dr. Constable said.



“The IPS program has certainly been successful with 34 pioneer schools being given the ability to make decisions about their own curriculum, staffing, school resources and expenditure this year with another 64 to take on independent status in 2011.”

“This strong interest reflects the strong community desire that the State Government has identified for moving decision making, responsibility and accountability closer to where it matters the classroom and we would encourage other States to seriously consider following our lead in this area.” Dr. Constable said.

“It is important to note that public schools are administered by the States, not the Commonwealth, so it is difficult to see how a Federal initiative would work.”


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