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Western Australia Minister for Mines and Petroleum Norman Moore

State Budget 2011-12:  Building The State

Enhancement Of State As Business Investment Destination Remains A Priority

Victor P Taffa

The Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) received more than $10 Million for three projects designed to enhance Western Australia’s attractiveness to business as an investment destination for resources exploration.

Mines and Petroleum Minister Norman Moore said continuing to improve the State’s mining approvals and assessment systems remained a major strategic priority.

“More efficient and timely processing of mining assessments and approvals will promote greater sustainability of the resources industry.” Mr. Moore said.

“The State Government will continue to invest in projects to build the State and keep growth going into the future.”

The DMP’s Accelerating Reinvestment in WA Mine Sites initiative will receive $5.2 Million in the next three years to improve assessment of applications for mine site rehabilitation (mine closure plans) and to ensure the assessment of mine rehabilitation performance is undertaken in a timely way.

“Improvements to the system will substantially increase the opportunities for companies to reinvest in new mining developments in WA.” the Minister said.

“A further $2 Million ($500,000 of ongoing funding for the next four years) will retain six positions in the department’s Mineral Titles division to manage the backlog of mineral title applications.”

“This will result in ground turnover and greater expenditure by the resources sector on mineral exploration and resource development and will also promote more effective management of applications through the native title future Act proceedings.”

The State Government also approved annual, ongoing funding of $435,000 to enable the appointment of a full-time mining warden to the Department of Attorney General.

The appointment will reduce the number of objections to applications for mining tenements and ultimately help decrease the backlog of mining tenement applications by reducing the time taken to resolve disputes.

“The efficient and timely processing of mineral titles is fundamental in fostering the sustainability of the mineral resources industry in WA.” Mr. Moore said.

The Kimberley Science and Conservation Strategy (KSCS) will receive $3 Million in the next three years for use by the Geological Survey of WA (GSWA) to carry out baseline survey and mapping programs designed to improve the State’s knowledge of the geology of the Kimberley region and to help future strategic development of the area.


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