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Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett

State Government Assistance For Goldfields Earthquake

Victor P Taffa

The Liberal-National Government will provide $5 Million to restore heritage listed buildings damaged in last week’s Goldfields earthquake.

Premier Colin Barnett made the announcement in Boulder today after a tour of the affected areas.

Extensive assessments conducted by the Fire and Emergency Services Authority, the Office of Heritage and City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder engineers showed the majority of damage occurred to heritage listed buildings in Boulder including the Boulder Town Hall, Cornwall Hotel and Broken Hill Hotel.

“These buildings have immense cultural significance and the Liberal-National Government is keen to see the historic building facades remain in place.” Premier Barnett said.



“We have committed an initial $5 Million to complete heritage restoration works, however, should further funding be needed, the State Government is prepared to look at that.”

Eyre MLA Graham Jacobs visited Kalgoorlie and Boulder just hours after the earthquake along with Kalgoorlie MLA John Bowler and Mining and Pastoral MLC Wendy Duncan.

“All three members are passionate advocates for the city and their on the ground assistance and local knowledge has been invaluable.” Premier Barnett said.

“I thank Mayor Ron Yuryevich for working closely with the State Government since the earthquake to ensure the required support is delivered.”

“While uncommon, earthquakes do happen in Western Australia and last week’s 5-magnitude earthquake is a sudden reminder.” Premier Barnett said.

“Thankfully, there were only minor injuries with no loss of life.”

“Our thoughts continue to be with the residents of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the surrounding region as they begin the long task of rebuilding and repairing their community.” the Premier said.

The Department for Child Protection has arranged temporary housing for 30 people. They majority of those 30 people were workers who were living in the various hotels that were affected.


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