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Western Australia Attorney General Christian Porter

State Budget 2010-11: $10.2 Million For Implementation Of Australia’s Largest Native Title Agreements

Victor P Taffa

The Western Australia State Government has allocated $10.2 Million to implement Australia’s largest native title agreement, the Yawuru Agreement.

The Agreements between Broome’s traditional owners and the State Government were executed in February this year, and finally and fully resolve native title, heritage and compensation issues in the popular tourist destination.

Importantly this Agreement facilitates a dramatic increase in land supply in Broome, with about 1,875 ha freed for residential, tourism, heavy and light industrial development, as well as land for a new airport.




Attorney General Christian Porter said the additional $10.2 Million would be used for State Government co-ordination of the Agreements, joint management of the conservation estate, coastal management, and infrastructure such as roads, as well as surveys of the development areas.

“This money will facilitate the timely release of land so that Broome can continue to grow its thriving tourism industry.” Mr. Porter said.

“It is important the State Government provides sufficient funding to ensure the efficient implementation of these Agreements and that’s exactly what we have done.”

The Yawuru Agreements represent a substantial commitment by Government of about $197 Million with more than $140 Million of that being the transfer of land for future development processes.

The Yawuru community will also receive monetary benefits of about $56 Million which will be used for capacity building for the local indigenous community; preservation of culture and heritage and management; economic development; social housing; and joint management of a proposed conservation estate.

“The State Government has a clear mandate to improve social conditions in regional Western Australia with the aim of improving living conditions for communities and reducing crime into the future.” the Attorney General said.

“In this year’s Budget, we have allocated several million dollars towards building infrastructure, improving job opportunities, and increasing access to health, education, family and support services, housing and justice facilities.”

“The $10.2 Million to implement the Agreement is part of a program of strengthening Aboriginal communities to lift economic prosperity and decrease crime.” Mr. Porter said.


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