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Western Australia Minister for Mental Health Graham Jacobs

State Government To Provide New Support For LifelineWA

Victor P Taffa

Mental Health Minister Graham Jacobs today announced a one-off $250,000 Grant to LifelineWA to support the vital 13 11 14 Telephone Crisis Line in Western Australia.

Dr. Jacobs announced the grant during a visit to the Perth offices where he met staff and volunteers to hear first-hand about their important work.

The grant marks the first time that State Government funding has been extended to LifelineWA and reflects the priority which the Government places on Mental Health.

“Lifeline’s motto is that everyone deserves to be heard, understood and cared for.” the Minister said.

“This grant will support the vital telephone counselling service provided through the 13 11 14 Crisis Line which enables this to occur throughout the State from the Kimberley to the Great Southern.” Dr. Jacobs said.


Throughout Australia there is a new call to Lifeline every minute by people seeking help with a range of issues.

“As a GP, I have recommended Lifeline to many people.  It is relief for them to know there is someone they can talk with 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.” the Minister said.

“Lifeline counsellors deal with people seeking help with anxiety, depression, loneliness, abuse or trauma.”

“They are also experienced at dealing with issues about suicide, stress or people seeking information for family and friends.” Dr. Jacobs said.

The Grant was provided by the Mental Health Commission the Liberal-National Government’s ground breaking stand alone commission for Mental Health, the first of its kind in Australia.


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