WA Government Introduces Commissioner For Consumer Protection

WA Government Introduces Commissioner For Consumer Protection

Western Australia Minister for Commerce Bill Marmion

State Parliament Passes Bill To Abolish Boards

Victor P Taffa

Four State Government licensing boards will be abolished following the passing of legislation in Parliament, resulting in savings for the West Australian Taxpayer and improvements to Consumer Protection in WA.

The Acts Amendment (Fair Trading) Bill 2010 simplifies occupational licensing and the regulation of the Property and Motor Vehicle Industries in WA.  It involves the abolition of the following boards:

  • Land Valuers Licensing Board;
  • Motor Vehicle Industry Board;
  • Real Estate and Business Agents Supervisory Board;
  • Settlement Agents Supervisory Board.


Commerce Minister Bill Marmion welcomed the passing of the legislation, which was introduced into State Parliament in September to establish a more efficient and effective licensing and compliance system.

The new, streamlined system meets one of the recommendations of the State Government’s Red Tape Reduction Group.

“Licensing Powers will now be vested in a single authority the Commissioner for Consumer Protection. The necessary safeguards will be in place to ensure consumer rights are protected.” Mr. Marmion said.

“The Director-General of the Department of Commerce will take over the Employment and Financial Control Responsibilities from the Boards.”

“The fragmented functions of four separate boards can now be streamlined through one regulatory body.  The move is part of the State Government’s commitment to reduce the number of licensing boards and therefore lessen the financial burden on the taxpayer.”

“The development of these laws was conducted in consultation with industry groups, which have expressed support for the changes.” Mr. Marmion said.

The abolition of the Licensing Boards will make administration and licensing more effective but will not change the requirement for people operating in the affected industries to remain licensed and there will be no reduction in consumer protections.

Two new advisory committees will be established to ensure that the industries affected are able to discuss issues and raise any concerns with either the Commissioner or Minister.

The Motor Vehicle Industry Advisory and Property Industry Advisory committees will comprise key industry representatives, giving them an effective voice in the new process.