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Western Australia Minister for Housing Bill Marmion

WA Government Delivers Indigenous Housing On Time And On Budget

Victor P Taffa

The State Government has delivered 89 new homes in just six months to some of Western Australia’s most remote indigenous communities.

Housing Minister Bill Marmion praised the Department of Housing for exceeding the delivery target of 75 houses by June 30, 2010.

“The department really pulled out all the stops to build and deliver the agreed homes in a very challenging time frame.” Mr. Marmion said.

“They are to be congratulated for overcoming a range of obstacles and exceeding expectations by a wide margin, delivering 89 new homes, 78 of which are already connected to services.”



“The delivery program was severely impacted by unexpectedly wet weather; road closures during the peak delivery time; and a shortage of tradespeople to complete installations, yet 89 homes have been built.”

“I’m very proud of the fact that while we are the biggest State by size in Australia with the most remote indigenous communities WA is leading the country in closing the gap on indigenous disadvantage.”

In addition to the delivery of the new homes, 150 refurbishments were completed.

“From WA’s most remote outpost of Kalumburu in the North to Blackstone in the Far East, and in the far-flung communities in between, this Government has stepped up to the challenge of improving living conditions in remote communities.” the Minister said.

“Creating indigenous employment opportunities has been a key platform of this program, and I can confirm that the indigenous employment target of 20 % participation has been exceeded across the construction and refurbishment programs.”

The Federal Government is yet to agree on the construction program for 2010-11.

“We have proven our commitment and ability to deliver for remote communities and close the gap. It is now time for the Federal Government to stop the delays and agree to the targets for 2010-2011, so that WA can continue with our construction and refurbishment program without delay.” Mr. Marmion said.

While New Prime Minister Julia Gillard would have us all hope that the School Building Program, Roof Insulation Scheme and other issues have been despatched to Brisbane had Federal Government Ministers’ delivered projects without controversy and cost blow-outs then the now Gillard Government could rightly trumpet the successes.

There is an old saying in life that ‘it is the devil in the detail’ and if given the opportunity in a Ministerial Position Editor Victor P Taffa would oversee the detail so that projects such as Railway Expansion can be delivered without controversy.

New South Wales taxpayers were dudded to the tune of $580 Million on Metro Rail which should have gone towards the expansion of heavy rail. Had Editor Victor P Taffa have won the October 2008 Ryde State By-Election he would never have voted for the Metro Rail Authority Bill. The Metro Rail Authority Bill passed through Parliament without dissent.


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