WA Government Cares For Children

WA Government Cares For Children

Western Australia Minister for Mental Health Graham Jacobs

Mental Health Inpatient Services For New Children’s Hospital

Victor P Taffa

Mental Health Inpatient Services for children and adolescents under 16 will be consolidated at the new Children’s Hospital, to be built at the QEII Medical Centre.

After stakeholder consultation, it is planned to unite services for those aged under 16 currently delivered at Bentley Adolescent Unit (BAU) and existing services for children at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).

Mental Health Minister Graham Jacobs said this was an exciting development, centralising expert care at the hospital, which would become the main provider of inpatient services for children under 16.

“The planned new hospital has provided the opportunity to review inpatient care and how we manage child, adolescent and youth mental services well into the future.” Dr. Jacobs said.

“While the under-16 patient group will be fully serviced at the new hospital, the Mental Health Commission is currently assessing services for patients aged 16 and over.”

There are currently eight inpatient beds at PMH and 12 beds for patients aged up to 18 at the BAU. The new hospital will include a mental health unit with 20 inpatient beds with six relocated from BAU.

The service at the new hospital will include two family units for the younger age group and a focused care area for patients requiring secure care.

Dedicated outpatient clinics and day therapy programs, currently delivered at PMH, will continue at the new hospital.

The decision was made following extensive consultation with both internal and external stakeholders including:

  • The Mental Health Commission;
  • Council of Official Visitors;
  • Child and Adolescent Health Service;
  • WA Metropolitan and Country Health Services.

This coincides with the director general of the Department of Health, Kim Snowball’s announcement that Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) would be brought together within the Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS).

CAHS will manage State-wide Policy for child and adolescent mental health as well as service delivery in the metropolitan area.  The WA Country Health Service (WACHS) will continue to deliver Rural Services.

The change is designed to consolidate policy and governance for these services and to provide a co-ordinated approach for funding and commissioning of services.

“The State Government is reforming our mental health services following on from this year’s successful establishment of the Mental Health Commission.  This planned relocation is another step towards better co-ordinating mental health services across the State.” the Minister said.

The Western Australia State Government is the only Government to have a Minister for Mental Health. Editor Victor P Taffa has Bipolar Disorder and has had it since birth. This was because Victor P Taffa’s mother suffered ‘Nervous Shock’ 1 month prior to the birth of Victor P Taffa. Contrary to popular belief Victor P Taffa does not hate women as his mother gave birth to him. Despite this Victor P Taffa is not heterosexual.

The New South Wales Government has NO intention of assisting anyone with a Mental Illness but simply seeks to use the Mental Health System to lock up Victor P Taffa for its own cheap shabby political survival. The New South Wales Labor Government does not deserve to retain 1 Seat in the Parliament after the 26 March 2011 State Election including Heffron the Seat of the Premier.

Further it is hard to differentiate Labor Government’s in other States given the manner that the National Executive of the Labor Party treated Newcastle MP Bryce Gaudry and then Griffith MP Kevin Rudd.

The New South Wales Government has not invested one more cent into Mental Health and should stand condemned forever at the treatment metered out to Victor P Taffa. Further it is support for Railway Expansion that the Labor Party hates the most and this fact is bourne out in decades of neglect for the RailCorp Network and the abandonment of the Tramway Network.