WA Electoral Redistribution Due By Late 2011

WA Electoral Redistribution Due By Late 2011

Western Australia Minister for Electoral Affairs Norman Moore

Minister Welcomes Former Supreme Court Judge To Electoral Boundary Position

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Electoral Affairs Norman Moore Today welcomed the appointment by the Governor of a new chairman of the Electoral Distribution Commissioners.

Former Supreme Court Judge Hon. Neville Owen will head the Panel of Commissioners responsible for reviewing State Electoral Boundaries in Western Australia.

Mr. Owen served as the Senior Judge of the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of WA until his retirement in July 2010.

He had been on the bench for almost 20 years and conducted trials and appeals in all areas of the court’s civil and criminal jurisdictions.

Mr. Owen completed a two-year Royal Commission into the HIH Insurance Collapse in April 2003.



In October 2008, he handed down a judgment for a complex commercial trial involving the collapse of a large corporate group, following a three-year hearing.

With the Confirmation of Mr. Owen’s Appointment, the Commissioners will soon meet to consider a timetable for the next Distribution.

Reviews of Electoral Boundaries are required to be considered two years after each State General Election. The next review is due for completion in late 2011.

With the last State Election on September 6, 2008, the enrolment figures that will form the basis for the next review were determined on September 6, 2010.