WA Does Its Best In Times Of Drought

WA Does Its Best In Times Of Drought

Western Australia Minister for Water Bill Marmion

Minister Announces Second Water Auction For South-West Irrigators

Victor P Taffa

Harvey Water and the Water Corporation today announced a further 2.2 Billion litres of water from Logue Brook Dam would be auctioned to irrigation farmers on February 8.

Water Minister Bill Marmion welcomed the announcement, saying South-West irrigation dams had received little inflow since the first auction of 5.3 Billion litres of water in November last year.

“It makes sense for the water to be available this summer rather than just leaving it sitting unused in Logue Brook.” Mr. Marmion said.

The Corporation was previously allocated the water as part of an agreement with Harvey Water.

However, after the 2008 decision to retain Logue Brook for recreational use, the water could not be used for drinking purposes.

“This temporary water trade will provide a beneficial use for the water at a time when farmers really need as much of their allocation as possible.” the Minister said.

In a separate initiative, the two organisations have almost completed a further agreement to permanently swap most of the corporation’s ongoing allocation in Logue Brook to the Samson and Stirling Drinking Water Source Dams.

Mr. Marmion said when finalised, this agreement would mean there would be additional drinking water available annually for the Integrated Water Supply Scheme.

“This will also achieve a significant return for the corporation on its cost of investing in the original agreement with Harvey Water.” the Minister said.

The Minister said both initiatives were an example of the two utilities getting together for the common good.