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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Local Government Rene Hidding

Libs Urge “NO” Vote On Local Government Referendum

Victor P Taffa

We urge Tasmanians to vote NO to the forthcoming national referendum seeking to insert Local Government into the Constitution of Australia, Shadow Minister for Local Government Rene Hidding said.

There are very real dangers associated with adding Local Government to the constitution, which Tasmanians need to be aware of before casting their vote. These are:

  • Power being concentrated in Canberra reducing ratepayer influence over their elected representatives and Councillors becoming accountable to Canberra bureaucrats;
  • Local Government being manipulated and micro-managed by the Federal Government due to any terms and conditions those political parties decide in exchange for Federal funding;
  • The powers of State Governments being undermined by introducing local, parochial interests into the construction of historic COAG agreements;
  •  A weakening of the equal power that the small state of Tasmania has in the federation of Australian states with any Federal government being able to divide and conquer the state contrary to the very good outcomes negotiated by Tasmanian MPs 112 years ago.

“A better option is an agreement between State and Local Governments to determine fair and reasonable conditions for the handling of Federal funding.” Mr. Hidding said.


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