VOTE 1 VICTOR P TAFFA For Woollahra Railway Station

VOTE 1 VICTOR P TAFFA For Woollahra Railway Station

Victor P Taffa


Building For The Future

Saturday 28 March 2015 New South Wales Election

Victor P Taffa has a 5 Point Plan For Sydney at the 28 March 2015 New South Wales Election and Point 5 is for Woollahra Railway Station to be built.

This plan has been submitted to the New South Wales Transport and Planning Departments.

The location of Woollahra Railway Station is near Edgecliff Road in the Vaucluse Electorate while the catchment area and half of the suburb of Woollahra is in the Sydney Electorate on the other side of Ocean Street.

The space for the Railway Station exists. A Woollahra Railway Station as with the opening of the Eastern Suburbs Railway in 1979 allows for an improvement in Bus services. People who have elderly relatives will find it easier to visit them rather than negotiate narrow, congested streets. Special Bus Priority Signalling will enable buses to access Edgecliff Railway Station easily.

The concerns of some local residents and various consulates are genuine however are as unfounded as the concerns were prior to the opening of the Eastern Suburbs Railway in 1979. At any time of the day Ocean Street is congested as are other older, narrow streets. There are on the other hand many residents who want to see Woollahra Railway Station to be built.

Bus Services improves with a Woollahra Railway Station. As was the case with the opening of the Eastern Suburbs Railway in 1979 Bus Services were reorganised and subsequently new and improved routes commenced operations to coincide with the new Railway Line.

The Eastern Suburbs Railway took as long as it did to open as the loudest and strongest opponent of the Railway was the Department of Tramways. This information was told to Victor P Taffa off the record from Former Tramway Drivers. Victor is a Member of the Sydney Tramway Museum. Realistically the concerns of Bus, Tram and Taxi Operators are unfounded as new Railway Stations and Lines increases patronage to Buses, Trams, Light Rail and Taxis as well as Trains. Victor is a Former Taxi Driver in Sydney and the Eastern Suburbs.

Woollahra Railway Station Location

Woollahra Railway Station Location











Denistone And Woollahra Railway Stations

A good comparison with Woollahra Railway Station is Denistone Railway Station that is on the Northern Line between West Ryde and Eastwood. Denistone Railway Station opened on 26 September 1937 a few years after the electrification of the line in 1929. It is one of only 3 stations added to existing lines in the 1930s (the others being Jannali and Wiley Park). The station is located on a steep gradient (1 in 40 (2.5%)), so it would have been quite hard for steam trains to stop and start when heading towards Hornsby hence the reason for its later construction.

On the one hand ideas to close Denistone Railway Station have brought howls of outrage from local residents demanding the retention of the Station and on the other hand some residents demanded that the planned Woollahra Railway Station should not be built. In 2001 the then Labor Member for Ryde John Watkins raised the idea of closing Denistone Railway Station which brought anger from local residents. The plan to close Denistone Railway Station was quickly dropped.

Whether they are large or small, Railway Stations serves a purpose and have community support. This was proven to be the case when an idea to close Denistone Railway Station was floated.

Both Denistone and Woollahra Railway Stations are in residential locations with no retail activity in their vicinity. Denistone Railway Station is built in an open area whereas Woollahra Railway Station would be located in a cutting that has natural means of ameliorating noise from trains.

Currently there are concrete and steel silencers on the tracks along the Eastern Suburbs Line that reduces noise from passing trains. Noise reduction barriers can be implemented that are also aesthetically pleasant.

Denistone Railway Station

Denistone Railway Station












Train Stopping Times

The stopping times on a timetable for trains at each Railway Station is 2 minutes. While Denistone is a quiet Station in terms of patronage, Woollahra Railway Station will develop a niche level of patronage and as such will not impact greatly on travel times for existing train services.

There is also consideration of a Domain Railway Station being built on the Eastern Suburbs Line. Clearly there is a growing demand for Rail travel. A Domain Railway Station would have higher patronage levels than Woollahra Station so the impact of a Woollahra Station would have on stopping times should be kept in context with stopping times at other Railway Stations.

Denistone Railway Station is in close proximity to Ryde Hospital whereas Woollahra Railway Station is close to Ocean and Queen Street retail outlets that would invigorate local retailing. The closure of many retail outlets on nearby Oxford Street, Paddington is impacting in a negative way on Ocean and Queen Street retailers. Woollahra Railway Station will help to revive retailing for Oxford, Ocean and Queen Street retailers.

The cost to build Woollahra Railway Station is estimated at about $5 Million.

To join the campaign call Victor on 0416 134 650