VOTE 1 VICTOR P TAFFA For Restaurant/Lounge Carriages

VOTE 1 VICTOR P TAFFA For Restaurant/Lounge Carriages

Victor P Taffa


Building For The Future

Saturday 28 March 2015 New South Wales Election


As far back as January 2001 the Detailed Overview contained Plans to Upgrade and Expand the Sydney Metropolitan and New South Wales Railways. Further information about Restaurant/Lounge Carriages can be read on Page 23 of the Detailed Overview. The Detailed Overview can be read and downloaded from

The New South Wales Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian and the Transport Department has been notified on this plan.

Restaurant/Lounge Carriages includes the Sydney Metropolitan Area, all Interurban services and all XPT Rail services throughout New South Wales. This idea would not see a major loss of seating for busy Trains on heavily patronised Lines. Seating in a Restaurant/Lounge Carriage is configured differently to a normal carriage.

Restaurant/Lounge Carriages would serve Non-Alcoholic Beverages only. Busy Sydney Metropolitan Commuters want a coffee or a Bacon/Egg Roll and so they can go to the Restaurant/Lounge Carriage and obtain something to eat or drink.

Restaurant/Lounge Operator’s would be put out to Public Tender, would be on a Long Term Lease and Restaurant/Lounge Carriages would remain the property of the New South Wales Government. Every Rail Depot throughout New South Wales would have a different Operator for Restaurant/Lounge Carriages. Currently the New South Wales Government serves meals onboard the XPT Interstate Train to Melbourne and could also put in a tender to become a Restaurant/Lounge Operator from one of the Rail Depot’s.


External Appearance Of Restaurant/Lounge Carriages

Rather than full external promotion of a particular Restaurant/Lounge Carriage operator, advertising would be discrete in keeping with the new style of advertising as seen on the side of Tangara Carriages. The Restaurant/Lounge Carriage name would figure prominently on the exterior of the carriage.

Media advertising for a Restaurant/Lounge Carriage would focus on the Restaurant/Lounge service that is now available. Media promotion of the operator would be similarly as discrete as the external appearance of the carriages. This would be written into contracts for the operators of Restaurant/Lounge Carriages.


Internal Appearance Of Restaurant/Lounge Carriages

The internal promotion of a Restaurant/ Lounge Carriage would be appropriate to requirements. Food preparation and service areas would be on one side of the carriage and opposite would be a long bench style of seating with tables and additional seats as arranged.

Railways are there to provide a service to the travelling public. When commuters from Newcastle, Maitland, Wollongong and Mount Victoria cannot even get a sip of water on board a train, Restaurant/ Lounge Carriages will provide commuters with a much needed service. Sydney Metropolitan commuters similarly are in need of such a service.


Restaurant/Lounge Carriage Economic Value

Restaurant/Lounge Carriages will justify the economic value in the restoration of 24 Hour Train Operations and assist to pay for new heavy railway lines and restore lost rail services to regional areas such as Cooma, Mudgee and Murwillumbah to name a few.



The introduction of Restaurant/Lounge Carriages allows for the return of 24 Hour Train Operations. The profits made from leasing arrangements and other initiatives associated with Restaurant/Lounge Carriages is how the New South Wales Government can justify the restoration of 24 Hour Train Operations.

4 Car and a Restaurant/Lounge Carriage Sets would operate throughout Sydney Metro Area, Maitland, Newcastle and Wollongong.

Existing Night Rider Buses would be abolished or reorganised to cover cross country Olympic Park style routes.

Late night commuters after a night out with friends or shift workers on the way to or from work and a Restaurant/Lounge Carriage fills that need.

People on the way home invariably are thirsty or hungry and a Restaurant/Lounge Carriage fills that need.

Staff will be on hand to ensure that all non alcoholic beverages and food items purchased can only be consumed in the Restaurant/Lounge Carriages. Seating and Tables will be available to consume purchases made.

This idea will provide a financial return for the Railways in the same way that outdoor advertising does and enables an expansion and upgrade of the Railways which then says to the New South Wales Treasury that Railways are not a financial drain to the taxpayer.

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