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Victoria Minister for Health David Davis

Victoria’s Hospitals To Be Short-Changed Millions On Health Funding

Victor P Taffa

The Federal Government has confirmed it will short-change Victoria’s public hospitals by $368 Million in Commonwealth cuts over the next three years, Health Minister David Davis said today.

Mr. Davis said the Commonwealth shortfall meant hospitals would struggle to meet the growing community demand for elective surgery and emergency department treatment.

“Commonwealth cuts of $99.5 Million will start being imposed on our hospitals again on 1 July unless the Commonwealth comes to its senses.” Mr. Davis said.


“The Federal Government’s arbitrary health funding formula is based on dodgy demographic statistics that suggest Victoria’s population has fallen by 11,000 people.”

“This is despite other federal departments using the correct data prepared by the Commonwealth statistician, who produced figures to confirm Victoria’s population grew by 75,400 people in 2011.”

“The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows Victoria’s population grew by a whopping 100,000 people in 2012 the highest of any state and we need our funding restored to provide appropriate health services for them.”

“While the glossy paperwork produced by Canberra and the Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek will show a modest increase in health funding this year, imagine what our hospitals could do with the extra $368 Million they’re entitled to.”

Mr. Davis said the Victorian community and local hospitals were successful in pressuring the Federal Government into refunding $107 Million it tried to strip from health services over seven months starting last November.

“A Senate inquiry, after the Federal Government announced the cuts, found that ‘the Commonwealth pursued politically-motivated funding cuts to improve its financial position at the expense of public hospital users’.” Mr. Davis said.

“Now, despite the record investment in health by the Victorian Coalition Government, our hospitals will still have less funding from the Commonwealth than they were promised last year.”

“Victorian funding for acute hospital services has increased by 5.4 % and total health service expenditure by $2 Billion to a record $14.3 Billion since the Coalition came into government.”

“By contrast ,the Federal Government has cut health funding by $6.82 Billion for the period 2010 to 2016.”

“That equates to $1.7 Billion in Commonwealth health funding cuts for Victoria and we want our money back.”

“If the Commonwealth cuts aren’t revoked, thousands of Victorians will miss out on elective surgery, hospitals will have to close beds, restrict access to emergency departments and cut services.” Mr. Davis said.


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