Victorian Jared Tallent Finally Awarded Gold Medal

Victorian Jared Tallent Finally Awarded Gold Medal

Victoria Minister for Sport John Eren

Setting The Record Straight For An Olympic Champion

Victor P Taffa

Victorian Olympic champion Jared Tallent has finally been awarded the Olympic gold medal he duly deserves.

Minister for Sport John Eren today joined the 2012 London Olympic star on the steps of the Old Treasury Building, where the 31-year-old was elevated to the status of Olympic champion.

“Jared Tallent is an outstanding athlete and a poster boy for integrity in sport. We’re here today to set things right and give him the plaudits he deserves.” Minister for Sport John Eren said.

“This is an historic moment in Australian sport. It’s overdue, but it’s nonetheless a momentous occasion.”

Tallent, from Ballarat, placed second in the 50 Km Walk at the London games, but now claims the gold after the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s disqualification of Russian athlete Sergey Kirdyapkin due to doping violations.

Tallent’s retrospective gold medal is just reward for his dedication and determination not just to compete, but to see justice prevail in sport.

Today’s historic ceremony sees Australia move from tenth to equal eighth on the London Olympics gold medal tally. Tallent’s personal Olympic medal tally remains at three, but the Victorian star now has one of each colour, after picking up a silver and a bronze in Beijing in 2008.

“Our world-class athletes in the green and gold give us all a great sense of pride. That’s why the Andrews Government is proud to be donating $575,000 to the Australian Olympic Team Appeal, which will give our athletes the support they need to do us proud at the Rio Olympics and Paralympic Games.” Mr. Eren said.


VIC Minister for Sport John Eren

VIC Minister for Sport John Eren








“Our champion athletes give us all a great sense of pride. We’re committed to giving them the help and support they need on the road to Rio.”

Everyone should have confidence in the integrity of sport. The Andrews Government works with state sporting associations and the Victoria Police Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit to maintain integrity in sport at all levels.